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The Loud sisters falling in love with Zarbon
The Loud sisters meet one of the most sexy and gorgeous alien in the universe: Zarbon, and them already are in love with him. How can we blame them for fall in love with Zarbon? He is Zarbon! Everybody fall in love with Zarbon! And nobody can't don't love him.
Well, maybe if they see his second form.... 

This meme belong to… GiCiaN
The Loud House (c) Chris Savino
Dragon Ball (c) Akira Toriyama
What if Emily The Strange at Beach City
What would happen if the most strange girl in the world will go in the most weird city in world? 
Tell me what do you think will happen.

Emily the Strange by Rob Reger
Beach city by Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar
This meme by…
My Top 10 Fav Couples
10) Bubbline
This pairing is very great. I love the development of the relationship beetween Bubblegum and Marceline, was very intense and wonderfully done.

9) Sonamy
Okay, maybe i'm not so original with this pairing. But i loved the friendship of Sonic and Amy in SonicX, and in Sonic Boom. They were perfect for eachother. And this doesn't keep me to ship Sonally or other ship. For me Sonally is great too. but i put it just in TV version and comic.

8) Ash x Misty
The first ship for i fall in love. I've always ship them when i was watching the first series. It's very special for me, and i can love the other ships with Ash and Misty too. 

7) Lindsay x Tyler 
When i first say the first episode of Total Drama Island this become my fav pairing, i loved it even in the The Tour season. Was funny and cute their relationship in all the season.

6) Cheesepie
This couple is very cute and lovely. I loved how their relationship start when they were young and evolve in a respect. But i hope it will evolve even more, if you know what i mean Giggle 

What can i say. This ship in addition to being cute is in constantly development and i love their chemistry and cuteness Love 

4) BatCat
i've always loved this ship, in all the comics (not so much in the first comics of new 52) and in all the TV series and in all the movies of Batman i loved them.

3) Sundagio
Well, this ship began with their are sexy and evil so let put together, why not? But i truly love the reformed characters and if Adagio will be maked as a friend or an neutral ally i would love to see how Sunset and Adagio will resolve their deviations and be friends or frenemies.

2) Ultimate Peter Parker x Ultimate Gwen Stacy
Okay...this is very special for me. In the Ultimate Spiderman universe when Gwen was hurted by the death of his father, Peter was her only friend, and he comforted making her stay at his home, after she discover Peter's secret Gwen felt betrayed, but later managed to become even more friends, for me Gwen really loved Peter, but Peter considered her only as a sister.
After Ultimatum they became lovers and it was very random so I didn't understand why. but their relationship was very realistic and referable. I truly wished that their story was handed better, because they were really in a lovely relationship full of feels.

1) Pearlmethyst
Talking about feels, the first thing that i think at the word "feel" is this ship. When i watch the first episodes of Steven Universe (yes i liked this show before it was cool) i've loved their relationship and how they were everytime against eachother but the respect and the love that they didn't want to show. In the new episodes i'm seeing how they are truly in love, but they don't still want to reveal everything for don't ruin their friendship. I have loved this  ship from the began and i'm happy that is still evolving and is very well done for let the people refers with them. This is my 1 ship.

So these were my fav ships. You don't have to like these, but respect my opinion and i will respect yours.
Original meme by
Character I Like In Films I Don't
Well, i am a fan of almost everything, but there are movie that even i hate, but i can't hate everything about something. So these are the top 10 characters i like in films i don't. I'VE SAID IT

10) Piccolo from Dragon ball Evolution
Every Dragonball fan know how awful this movie was: pathetic cgi, stupid plot, predictable characters and the inconsistency with the original work.
But Lord Piccolo was kinda enjoyable as a villain and i liked his design was the type of alien lord that i like, yes the producers could just paint James Marsters skin with a green make up because he IS PICCOLO with the light skin. So i liked him as Piccolo, even if he can't save the movie.

9) Darth Maul from the Star Wars prequels trilogy.
We know the prequel of Star Wars and their infamy, but if someone ask to me something that i loved about the movies....Darth Maul
The badassery of a cyborg alien lord that want to destroy Obi Wan for his megolomaniac insane wish to dominate the life.

8) G.O.R.T and Klaatu from The Day After The Earth Stood Still (2008)
Much people think this movie as a generic alien invasion and eco movie with some dramatic cliché and a shame to the original cinematic masterpiece of the 1951, they are right.
Expect that for me the movie was quite good, and personally the part with Keanu Reeves in the Klaatu role was perfect, and the G.O.R.T part was very intense and awesome for me, yes he looked like the fusion of Amazo from DC and the Destroyer from the MCU, but was very awesome. And the Klaatu quotes: "If the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the Earth survives" got me to think. 

7) The Fallen from Transformers revenge of the Fallen.
He was very good as a villain and as ancient lord of the extermination, i have just wanted the movie to focus more about him and less about the human characters, so for me that movie was funny mess and the Fallen was a good villain, nothing memorable as the prev gen of transformers villain but good.

6) Bowser from The Super Mario Movie
That movie hated by Nostalgia Critic, Watchmojo, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic and every reviewer that doesn't let the nostalgia blind him for critique a movie.
For me the part with king Bowser was funny and enjoyable, i liked how he predict the future president of the USA Donald Trump XD and wasn't good as the videogame version but quite funny as a villain for an adventure movie.

5) Billy Black from the Twilight franchise
I know how bad twilight is. As a vampire lovers i was disapointed by what the vampires were and what "powers" they have. 
But i very liked the Billy Black story and his own life. I mean the son of a werewolf tribe born without shapeshifting powers and rise like a normal human with the story of an ancient tribe of werewolf in a war against the vampires that end with sacrifice of a woman for defending his tribe. 
Is this really what Twilight could have been?

4) Aang from the Last Airbender (movie)
The people say that Last Airbender sucks and everybody know why.
Aang was very good in this movie, i liked it, i understand why he was serious and dull, i liked the emotions that we can feel seeing him on the screen. I loved the part with the dragon spirit, was very good, i liked him in this movie and for me he was great in the role and i think that him was the greatest part of the movie.

3) Fish from Chicken Little

2) Mr Freeze from Batman and Robin 
Everybody know how horrible Batman and Robin is, everybody know it.
For me the only thing that i would save about this movie is Mr Freeze, call me insane but i enjoyed him, because was a tribute to the original Mr Zero from the first Batman adventures, personally he was very good in his part and i liked it.

1) Loki from Son Of The Mask
The most horrible comedy movie ever done had just one element that can make it worth to watch and hate the rest: Loki
I...i...i loved him was the most funny caricatures to the nordic chaos god that i ever watched (funnier than the loki in the MCU), he was the best actor in the movie it was everything i can like in a character, carisma, chaotic powers, superpowers, strange design, with very funny gag and slapstick. He was the most good thing happened in this movie that shouldn't exist because is horrible, his premise is cool his story is cool, i loved his performance and him.

And these are just my personal opinion, respect my thoughts and i'll respect yours.
Original meme belongs to :iconduckyworth:

My EQC Controversy Meme
Favorite Character:  Sunset Shimmer Heart Heart Heart  What can i say? i just love her, her developed, her songs, her clothes and her bacon hair. She is my favorite character and i just like her during these movies :D (Big Grin) and i loved the reforming sceneHeart! Onorable mention:  The Dazzlings, but if i had put Adagio, Aria, Sonata here there wasn't going to be place for the villains XD

Least Favorite Character: Timber Spruce, well... i did't like how was a GaryStueish hippie....Bucktooth 

Favorite Movie: Rainbow Rocks Headbang! JOY, FEELS, AWESOME, GREAT, AMAZING, FAV+fav , ROCK Headbang!  

Least Favorite Movie The W.I.T.C.H. + Equestria Girls= Legend of Everfree (something that could have been good, but like the great ideas can't be used in the right way, but i like the outfit)

Most Overrated Character A group of girl against the rival school that must do something for being evil but they aren't so evil and they want the love.

Most Underrated Character Aria Blaze: she needs some loveSad dummy everybody just ship her with Sonata but they not really care for herWaaaah! she is a very good character that wasn't enought developed, but for what i know she is very great. She needs our love  Heart 

Favorite Villain The Dazzlings LoveThe best villains in the Equestria Girls series, and who say that they aren't is lying and know to lying. Their song are great, their evilness is great, their personality is great, they are beautifull and i hope for their return Meow :3 Their are my favorite villains, and nobody can convince me of the otherwise. Love 
Least Favorite Villain Principal Cinch, again just a boring evil principal of the rival school that seems evil but she just want discover something: the love Facepalm 

Favorite Song My Past is Not Today La la la la A very great song, with a great subject, a great character, a great, that make me appreciate and like Sunses, very catchy and with the... FEELS Clap 

Least Favorite Song  Awesome as I Wanna Be......meh

Favorite Outfit Rainbow Rocks and Legend of Everfree: in Rainbow Rocks i loved the outfit for the pop color, the shiny accessories and were beautiful :D (Big Grin). I dislike Legend of Everfree, but the outfit were pretty, shiny, gourgeus and i love it Love 

Least Favorite Outfit Friendshp games. the movie was good and okay for me. But the outfit... No, I disagree! ...just no...i mean  
But in Twilight, Pinkie, and Applejack were okay but the

Original blank meme template purfectprincessgirl.deviantart…



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